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Payment Tech Projects

PaySavi projects include:


  • FinTechs & Start-Ups: in having a focus on product development, UAT, UX/UI and go-to-market strategy, building partnerships has been key. Whether it is to optimise products or ensure positive relationships with Regulators, the PaySavi approach is proven to increase confidence from investors and clients alike. Recent projects have included Open Banking, Earned Wage Access and Expense Management.

  • Global Networks: linked to supporting FinTech clients, PaySavi has a long history in supporting the Networks (e.g. Mastercard, Discover, Visa). Projects have included product launches, training and new innovations, providing support to the Networks in multiple countries.

  • B2B: optimising procure-to-pay processes not only enhances the buyer-seller relationship, it also drives economic growth through prompt payment technologies. These can generate cash savings and data on who is buying, from whom, how much and when. This translates into control of an organisation's expenditure and more efficient use of budgets through daily, weekly or monthly reporting.

  • Government: driving citizen-optimised services and working with Regulators to support compliance for new Payment Techs continues to be a focus, as evidenced by PaySavi becoming an accredited supplier to UK Government in 2020.


The end result of PaySavi's services is to deliver win-win solutions to selling organisations and their customers, providing mutual benefits that greatly enhance the relationship between buyers and sellers.

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