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Optimising Payments & Receivables

PaySavi provides clients with advice designed to identify payment methods that can generate cash savings and data on who is buying, from whom, how much and when. This translates into control of an organisation's expenditure and more efficient use of budgets through daily, weekly or monthly reporting.


There are many existing, new and emerging payment and data management solutions that are available to business and government organisations, each with its own benefits. These range from commercial payment cards through to supply chain finance and dynamic discounting, offering a variety of data formats that can be fed into each organisation's financial system.


The PaySavi approach matches an organisation's specific spending activities to the payment and data integration solutions that deliver most efficiencies and real savings to the organisation.

Generating faster payments from customers is a focus of the PaySavi approach, improving access to working capital, improving cashflow and enabling more effective spend management.


Customers' payment behaviours are motivated by a variety of factors. Once identified, an injection of liquidity into an organisation and more certainty on managing cashflow are possible. The PaySavi approach engages an organisations' customers to identify the benefits and motivations of them making prompt payments to the seller.


The end result should then deliver a win-win solution to both the selling organisations and their customers, providing mutual benefits that greatly enhance the relationship between buyers and sellers.

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