Our story

The idea behind PaySavi began 30 minutes into a presentation on a new payments solutions from a potential new partner. Their idea was well thought through, but it was yet another process that was taking too long to explain.  

The options available for making and receiving payments are constantly becoming more efficient and transparent. However, with this increasing choice, how can decision-makers find the time to make an informed and considered decision?

Having engaged buying and selling organisations over three continents since 1997, we are well aware of the solutions available to deliver the most efficient processes for making and receiving payments, to generate real cash savings and meaningful data.

From a focus on Payment Savings, PaySavi was born and it is now an approved Payments Consultancy to UK Central Government and Wider Public Sector under the CCS Framework RM6118.


We also work with corporate clients based in Europe, Asia and North America including issuer, merchant acquiring, fintech and retail organisations.

Our ethos is, keep it simple and build trusted partnerships. We have a network of experts who are specialists and providers of services in payments, receivables, data, eCommerce, regulation and security. The breadth of knowledge and expertise available through PaySavi is extensive.

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