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Becoming an Approved Payment Consultancy to UK Government and the Wider Public Sector

Updated: May 21, 2020

PaySavi is delighted to have been selected to provide Payment Optimisation consultancy services under the Crown Commercial Service Framework Agreement, RM6118. We have built a team including experts with extensive knowledge gained from senior leadership roles at Visa and from working with UK Central Government (CG) and Wider Public Sector (WPS) organisations for over 20 years.

Under the new CCS Framework, there are 7 Lots, providing a wide range of Payment Acceptance Solutions designed to provide CG and WPS organisations with access to leading providers and the latest innovations.

Our intention is to make it easier for CG and WPS organisations to make informed decisions on which vendors to select for their payment services, identifying cost savings and process efficiencies most relevant to their needs. We intend to assist clients in defining their payment requirements, their scope and intended outcomes, making it easier to meet their requirements for further competitions in a clear and transparent way.

Since it was established over 2 years ago, in addition to Payment Scheme, Card Issuer, Acquirer and Consultancy clients, PaySavi has worked with CG and WPS organisations to discuss how to optimise their payment processes. From meetings at the Houses of Parliament, discussions with the Small Business Commissioner and engagements with CG, WPS, SMEs and the Business Associations, there is a clear opportunity to improve payments in the UK. With the knowledge from PaySavi's team, we are confident that we can identify and realise cash savings and process efficiencies that will benefit buyers and sellers alike, driving liquidity into the wider UK economy.

Over the 3 year term of the Framework Agreement and beyond, we are looking forward to working with longstanding friends across CG and WPS, as well as engaging new contacts to discuss our passion for driving efficiencies into the process of payments.

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