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The first 100 days...

Setting up a new venture in the B2B payments industry after 20 years in the business provided an opportunity to take a new perspective on emerging trends and opportunities. For the first few months, contacting and working with existing contacts and seeking referrals with key influencers filled every day. Their feedback provided fresh insights and defined the focus for PaySavi as well as the partners and clients we are now working with.

Understanding the wider B2B payments ecosystem in which commercial cards now operate has never been more important. Substantial investments have been announced recently as FinTechs provide a new and compelling approach to Supply Chain Finance and Dynamic Discounting. Discussions with FinTechs and end users have revealed the increasing momentum and attraction to buyers seeking to receive the equivalent value of an MSC as a discount, directly enhancing their bottom line. Great UX and UI design with enhanced data are supported by rapid supplier onboarding at scale. From a user perspective, there is a complementary role for commercial cards in B2B payments if the positioning and communications offset any potential for disintermediation.

To embrace the changing dynamics within B2B payments, PaySavi now has connections with a network of industry experts and service providers to support its ongoing assignments. These include specialists and providers in business development, data management, eCommerce, systems architecture, regulation, public affairs and CSR. NDAs and contracts are in place with issuer, acquirer, FinTech, government, research, retailer, audit and global organisations. For further information or to discuss the opportunities in more detail, contact details are provided below.

+44 (0)7714 434942

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